Custom order (Wooden photo frame)

I will write names in Japanese three different characters such as “Hiragana”“Kanji”, or “Katakana”.

The sample is written with “Hiragana”. It says “Izabelle”

I can write anything other than a birthday, for example, a short message for your precious person, quotes,

your favorite words or idioms, etc……

It can be a wedding gift, birthday gift, anything!

If you are interested, please contact me! I would like to talk to you about it!

Please ask me any questions as well.


Custom orders will take 2weeks 〜 6months to deliver

*Custom orders will take time to deliver because I would like to think about words you tell me.

also I will write words many times until I make the perfect one.

Therefore, I would like you to understand it is not easy to make and it takes time.

Also, custom orders range from $35 ~ $500. Depending on size, material & complexity.

After consulting, I will create price quotes.

I am sure, when it is delivered to you, you will love it and I hope it becomes your precious thing.

Thank you for your understanding.

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