About Me

Yui Sato

I’m a Japanese calligrapher “書道家”. I have been doing calligraphy for 24 years.

I am qualified as a master Japanese calligrapher.

My History of Japanese Calligraphy Life

1993: I started calligraphy during the early years of education.

1997: I began taking classes in earnest.

​            ・I exhibited some calligraphy exhibitions every year.

            ・I made a lot of gifts for my close people by Japanese Calligraphy. 

2011: I got the qualification of Japanese calligraphy master.

   ・I started thinking about my career as a Japanese calligrapher.

2016 April: I decided to go abroad to learn English.

               ・I had studied English in the Philippines for 5 months and performed Japenese calligraphy at a school activity. 

2016 September: After studying in the Philippines, I came to Canada. 

2017 May: I had been doing Basking at City Park in Kelowna, Canada for 3 months. That was the first time to show my Japanese calligraphy in public. I was glad that many people loved my artwork.

2017 July: I participated in the art event called “Arts on the Avenue” in Kelowna. That was the first time to sell my artwork. The event held every year and more than  60 artists participate. I was glad that I could participate the such a huge event. That was a memorable experience and I learned a lot!

2019 November: I opened my own website and started selling my artwork. 

What is the Japanese language??

The Japanese language has three different characters which are “Hiragana”, “Katakana” and “Kanji”. We Japanese use these characters in sentences. Isn’t it unique??

I started creating my own art because I wanted people to know how Japanese calligraphy is beautiful and unique. 

I am selling my artwork and also doing custom orders. If you are thinking of your wife,  husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, grandparents, or yourself, please contact me and tell me your story. I am happy to make a gift for your precious person, even pets.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you start being interested in Japanese calligraphy.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.