Online Calligraphy Class


This online class is closed for now, I will update when it’s open again. Thank you for your understanding.

Are you interested in leaning Japanese calligraphy?

This online class is available for everyone from around the world.

This online is not face to face, so you can do wherever and whenever you want!

If you are still interested, please read below very carefully.


It is a self-paced course in which I send out a sample video to students to review and practice at their leisure. On the Thursday of each week the follows, students will email in their three preferred practice samples for review. After which I will send a review video the following weekend, for students to continue their progress throughout the course.

※This class will be for beginners. But if you would like to try more complicated piece, please let me know.

※If you would like to register, please fill out the form by October 31st (Mon) for December class.

※If you would like to continue, please email me by the 15th of each month. (The art piece you practice will be different every month.)




Class Fee : CAD$106 per month

+ Calligraphy kit CAD$53 (Paper 100sheets and ink included) + shipping ( price varies on location )

※When you need to buy more paper and ink, you can buy them by yourself or buy from me. If you already have calligraphy kit at home, you don’t need to buy it.




1. Register


Please fill out REGISTER FORM.

I will reply within 1 or 2 business days with all detail about this class included online payment link.


2. Ship your kit


Once I confirm your payment, your kit will be shipped.


3. Send art piece and video


Once I confirm your payment, I also will email you with an sample video of an art piece which you are going to practice and a video which is explaining about tools and other important things. Please watch the video carefully once you receive the email.


4. Others


※You will practice by yourself, but if you have questions or anything, please email me anytime.

※You need to submit your three art pieces you practiced every Thursday. I will send a review video the following weekend, so you can check the video anytime while practicing to correct by yourself.


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