Online class now available!!!

Hi there, I just opened online calligraphy class. If you are interested learning calligraphy, please join the online class! I am looking for students for class starting in December. It is not face to face, so you don't need to have any app such as Skype or zoom. You can do wherever and whenever you want!! More detail about online class, please visit Online calligraphy class page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me...

Japanese calligraphy class is on Sundays!!!

Hi everyone, I have to tell you very important thing. I told you that I needed to change the date for Japanese calligraphy class. But, I have changed the day of Japanese calligraphy class Thursday to Sunday again. I really apologize this. From now on, the class will be held on 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. I really appreciate your understanding and support for my business. Have a good weekend! Thank you.

Newborn Tradition

Hi there, This is called "Meimeisho". Which is created when newborn baby become 7 days old. Relationship (Example says "Eldest son") Baby's name (Example says "William") Date of birth (Example says "May 7th, 2022") History of the tradition for newborns in Japanese culture. ☆OHICHIYA☆ Is ceremony which to be held on the 7th day after birth. In the Heian period, the medical system wasn't sufficient, therefore it wasn't uncommon for...

New art work

Hi there! I create new art work with Japanese calligraphy board. I drew dragon and sunflower. If you are interested, Please visit Shop here for more detail. These new art work are also available at Farmers and Crafters market in Kelowna. If you are in Kelowna, please visit to check this out! I am there every Saturday at 8am - 1pm.

Fintry Summer Fair

Hi there! I will join the Fintry Summer Fair! It will be amazing Fair! Last spring they had spring fair and I had a lot of fun and met new people! There will be music (Some band and musician will be there), kids area and a lot of venders including me! I'll see you there! Date: July 10th (Sunday), 10am - 4pm Location: Fintry provincial park, West kelowna, BC, Canada

Arts on the Avenue

Hi there! I will join this fantastic event "Arts on the Avenue" this year. I participated this event in 2017. This event had been closed because of COVID-19. But here they are! It's back! I am sooo excited to be there! Hope I can meet you and a lot people this year! Date: July 28th (Thursday) 4pm - 10pm Location: On Burnard avenue downtown in Kelowna, BC, Canada. See you there!

Japanese Calligraphy Class

Hi there! I have big announcement which is.... I am going to open Japanese calligraphy class this July! I really wanted to open calligraphy class! and now here I am! If you are interested in Japanese culture and calligraphy. please join the class. More information is HERE! If you have any questions, please ask me anything! I am looking forward to hearing from you! See you soon!

Happy Father's Day

Did you already decide what you are going to give your father for Father's Day? My new art work for Father's day or any other occasions is now available on this website. Please check Shop for more information and available pieces! If you have any question, please feel free to ask me anything! I am look forward to hearing from you! Have a wonderful father's day!

I will sell my art at Farmers' and Crafters' Market in BC !!

Hi everyone, I have an announcement that I will sell my art at Farmers' and Crafters' Market in Kelowna BC, Canada. If you are interested in my art please visit at the Farmers Market! Location: Beside the Orchard mall Time: Every Saturday at 8am to 1pm (I might not be there sometimes, but don't worry! I will update my schedule in this website and my Instagram (@yuiandmecalligraphy).) Special offer! If you order and pay for custom order at...

Custom order (Wooden photo frame)

I will write names in Japanese three different characters such as "Hiragana", "Kanji", or "Katakana". The sample is written with "Hiragana". It says "Izabelle" I can write anything other than a birthday, for example, a short message for your precious person, quotes, your favorite words or idioms, etc...... It can be a wedding gift, birthday gift, anything! If you are interested, please contact me! I would like to talk to you...